Monday, June 6, 2016

June 5

Today we took the Hurricane train from Talkeetna to Hurricane Gulch, about 57 miles each way.  We started about 365 feet and got to about 1300 feet at the gulch. This train is the last "flag stop train" running in the US. That means the train will stop anywhere people want to get off or it will stop anywhere people are waving a flag to let the Engineer know that they want to get on.  Also, it is a tourist train and it will stop anywhere a passenger wants to take a picture of the scenery or wildlife.  Greg spotted a black bear and her 2 cubs and called out and the train stopped and backed up so everyone on the train could go to the open baggage car doors and take pictires of the bears.  We stopped at the middle of the Hurricane Gulch bridge,  296 feet above the Gulch Stream, so everyone could take pictures before the train started back to Talkeetna.

On our return trip , we stopped along the way at the home of one of the local authors, Shannon Cartwright.  She has authored many children's books and is living alone in the Alaskan wilderness.  The only way to get to her home is via the train.  Several of us got off the train and hiked a hundred yards to her home and she gave us a tour of her place. (More to follow on our website when we get home).

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