Thursday, June 23, 2016

June 22

Today was a pretty much get organized day as Greg and Sandy were flying out tonight to go back home.  We had a leisurely breakfast working on finishing off as many left overs as we could.

We went to two rock shops and had lunch in the Post Office parking lot working on more left overs as Greg and Pat each packed up another box of rocks (oh sorry), I meant "gems"....

We did a little hiking (strolling) in Earth Quake Park

to pass the time until we met Monique and Greg and Aunt Julie (Gary's wife) for dinner.  Monique and Greg brought some fish for Greg and Sandy to take back.  They finished packing in the parking lot and we took them to the airport.

We said our good byes and they were off with bags in tow.
We had a great time and really enjoyed their company.  We will miss them on the rest of our trip but we will see them again in the fall.

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