Friday, July 1, 2016

June 30

We had an interesting night last night.  The smoke detector in our room went off.  We called the front desk and they turned it off.  About 30 minutes later it went off again and this time they could not turn it off.  This very loud annoying noise continued for about 20 minutes.  One of the staff came to our room and mucked around for a few minutes and left and the alarm was still going.  It finally stopped.  They were booked for the night and we told them in the morning we wanted a new room.  We made it through the night and in the morning they were very accommodating to change our room.  We will see how it goes tonight!

Today we climbed Flattop Mountain, a little South and East of Anchorage.  We made the 1.5 mile 1350 foot climb to the summit of 3550 feet in an hour and 10 minutes.  The last 200 feet was a scramble to the top.
We took the scenic route down and looked over the route to Omalley Peak, 5150 feet. That may be on the schedule later.  We went to a different trailhead from the one we were at for Flattop and did about a 4 mile hike to scout other possible routes for Omalley.  We will see how the knees feel tomorrow to determine if a summit attempt is in the plans for Omalley.

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