Saturday, July 16, 2016

July 16

Today was fishing day.  We had a 4 hour private charter with Strike Zone charters out of Knudson Cove, Ketchikan, AK.  We had a good day!!!

We caught 11 Pinks and 2 Chums.  I caught both Chums and they were the largest.  Pat caught the two largest Pinks.  We each caught about the same number of fish.  We were trolling and would alternate who would take the next strike.  Even if we lost one, that person would keep taking the strikes until a fish was caught.  We are having the Chums smoked and the Pinks flash frozen.  All in all, we will probably end up with 25 - 30 #s of Salmon.

In the afternoon, we took a Dehaviland Beaver float plan ride into The Misty Fjords National Park.  It was a clear and beautiful afternoon for flying.  We landed on an alpine lake and got out on a dock to look around.

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