Wednesday, July 6, 2016

July 6

We started out the day with a 45 minute Historical tour of Skagway with a National Park Service Ranger.  It was interesting but very repetitive of the information gleaned from their 30 minute video which we had seen earlier.

The big event for the day was a train and bike ride.  We took the White Pass and

Yukon Scenic Narrow-Guage Railway 28 miles from Skagway, AK to Fraser British Columbia, Canada.  We crossed the White Pass at about 3000 ft on our way to Fraser.   After a Canadian Customs Official checked our Passports, we were allowed to get off the train.  We were picked up by a van with a trailer load of bicycles behind.  We were driven on the road to where the highway crosses White Pass to begin our bicycle ride back down hill to Skagway.
We dropped about 3000 feet over 15 miles and with one small exception, it was down hill all the way.  There were 11 people in our group plus one person from the bike shop to lead us and one person from the bike shop bringing up the rear.  We all had to pass through US customs individually.  It was chilly and blustery at the start but the closer we got to sea level, the nicer it got.

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